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        Earl's Repair Service, Inc. is a Factory Direct Walther Representative in the U.S. as well as an Importer, Distributor, and Factory Authorized Service and Warranty Repair Center for Carl Walther GmbH products including all pistols, rifles, spare parts, and accessories manufactured in Ulm, Germany.
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    PPQ M2
The PPQ series is now complete. The WALTHER PPQ, a large-caliber pistol, is now available in a small caliber model, the PPQ 22. What?s more, it comes in both a 4-inch and 5-inch version. Thus the PPQ M2 family (M2 refers to the magazine release at the side of the frame) can now be obtained in two calibers: 9 mm Luger, .40 S & W.
The two new small-bore pistols likewise have magazine buttons that can be switched from left to right and ambidextrous slide stop levers that can easily be operated with gloves. The slide has wide serrations at the front and back for easy racking. The rear sight is adjustable for both elevation and windage for accurate shooting. The trigger, which has a constant pull and a travel of only 4 mm, also ensures good shooting results.

Small-bore versions of well-known firearms are currently enjoying worldwide popularity. They have the same good handling as the originals as well as identical functional elements, making them ideal for lowcost training. Moreover, they can fire more rounds than the 9 mm or .45 ACP versions. Duty holsters
and competition holsters for the M2 family can also be used with the PPQ 22. And finally, .22 l.r. rounds are not nearly as expensive as the larger ammunition, making this pistol especially attractive to novices.
The International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) and the German Shooting Sport Federation (BDS) have offered action competitions with special small-caliber scoring for some time now. Other sport shooting associations are also emphasizing the new small-caliber disciplines, which are inexpensive but challenging. Thus the two versions of the new WALTHER PPQ 22 give dedicated shooters a low-cost opportunity for more practice.

Key details of the two small-caliber versions:
?  polymer frame with anodized aluminum slide
?  easy-grip grooves at the front and rear of the slide
?  Picatinny rail in front of the trigger (MIL-STD 1913) for additional equipment like lights or lasers (if allowed by law)
?  rear sight adjustable for elevation and windage
?  front sight made of polymer (4 inches) or light-gathering fiberglass (5 inches)
?  trigger with a constant, low pull of 2200 g and a travel of only 4 mm
?  integrated loading indicator
?  elongated slide stop lever on both sides, easy usable with gloves
?  magazine release button at the side of the frame, switchable from left to right
?  two independent safeties: automatic striker safety and mechanical drop safety, integrated in the trigger blade
?  Special PPQ 22 Tactical version with 4.6-inch silencer barrel and ?″ x 28 TPI thread


Technical Data PPQ M2
Technical Data PPQ M2 SC
PPQ M2 Brochure in PDF format
PPQ M2 Manual

Semi-automatic Pistols. 100% German made.
PPQ M2 Semi-automatic Pistols
Part Number Description Caliber
New PPQ M2 .45 ACP $895.00 Order
PPQ M2 .40S&W $595.00 Order
PPQ M2 9mm $695.00 Order
PPQ M2 Navy 9mm Pic $895.00 Order
PPQ M2 5" Target 9mm Pic $795.00 Order
PPQ M2 5" Target 40S&W $795.00 Order
New PPQ Q4 Tac with extended Threaded barrel 9mm Pic $995.00 Order
2815249 PPQ SC (sub compact) 9mm Pic Sold Out Order
PPQ SC (Law Enforcement with 3 mag & nightsights) 9mm Sold Out Order
PPQ SC Grip Adaptor 9mm $30.00 Order
PPQ Extended Threaded Barrel 9mm $ 295.00 Order
  PPQ night sights (German 1st production small lamp) Pic $ 145.00    Order
EARL2   PPQ night sights (US Made 2nd Generation 2nd windage adjustable/larger lamp) Pic $ 165.00    Order
PPQ, Q4, Q5 Dynamic Trigger (with fire control add $80.00) 9mm Pic $145.00 Order
Q5 Rear Sight 9mm Pic $95.00 Order
2796651 PPQ M2 Magazine, 10 Shots 9mm $ 50.00 Order
2796678 PPQ M2 Magazine, 15 Shots 9mm $ 40.00 Order
2796694 PPQ M2 Magazine, 17 Shots 9mm $ 50.00 Order
2829703 PPQ SC Flat Bottom Magazine, 10 Shots 9mm $ 40.00 Order
2829711 PPQ SC Finger Extension Magazine, 10 Shots 9mm $ 45.00 Order
2829720 PPQ SC Magazine, 15 Shots 9mm $ 40.00 Order
PPQ M2 Magazine, 10 Shots .45 ACP $ 45.00 Order
PPQ M2 Magazine, 12 Shots .45 ACP $ 50.00 Order
PPQ MTV-701-A1 X2L Laser / LED flashlight.
Dealer discounts available. 
Pic $ 350.00 Order
PPQ MTV-700-A1 X2 LED Compact Lamp.
Dealer discounts available.
Pic $ 225.00 Order