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        Earl's Repair Service, Inc. is a Factory Direct Walther Representative in the U.S. as well as an Importer, Distributor, and Factory Authorized Service and Warranty Repair Center for Carl Walther GmbH products including all pistols, rifles, spare parts, and accessories manufactured in Ulm, Germany.
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The highly successful P99 Series was once again improved in conjunction with technical experts from a number of law enforcement agencies. The result is a state of the art product line, designed for use in modern police tactics. The P99 series offers the law enforcement professional a number of special features and various trigger mechanisms to meet the agencies needs. The line includes both full size and compact models for both uniform and undercover use.

The P99 Series is the only hammerless pistol available to offer three trigger options:

P99AS- Anti-Stress
Traditional double action and single action modes, and the added feature of the anti-stress trigger position which is engaged after reloading.

P99DAO - Double Action Only
The striker is at rest with no preload for a long smooth trigger pull. The pull is consistent in length and force from the first shot to the last.

P99QA -Quick Action
Partially preloaded striker provides a uniform short light trigger pull. This variation is a favorite among many sportsmen and police tactical units.
P 99
Technical Data P99 AS
Technical Data P99 Compact AS

P99 Manual

NEW P99 Series

-Ambidextrous magazine release
Integrated into the side of the trigger guard for a unique look
-Elongated ambidextrous slide stop
Standard in the P99 DAO and optional with the P99 QA model
-Weaver equipment rail
A new feature for the quick attachment of lights and lasers.
-Improved slide serrations
For a positive grip on the slide and improved slide racking
New styled trigger guard

Semi-automatic Pistols. 100% German made.
P99 & P99 Compact Semi-automatic Pistols
Part Number Description Caliber

Retail Price

2681552 P99 AS (15 Shot) Pic1 Hires 9mm $ 695.00 Order
2681935 P99 Compact AS (10 Shots) Pic1 Hires 9mm Pic $ 695.00 Order
P99 AS (15 Shot) with hard chrome slide. Available exclusively from Earl's. 9mm Pic $ 995.00 Order
P99 AS hard chrome for your slide. $ 295.00 Order
P99 AS Series Accessories
P99 Compact "SD" extended threaded barrel Pic $ 395.00 Order
NEW P99 MTV-701-A1 X2L Laser / LED flashlight.
Dealer discounts available. 
Pic $ 350.00 Order
P99c AS Magazine, 10-Shot, Flat Base 9mm Pic $ 35.00 Order
P99c AS Magazine, 10-Shot, Finger Base 9mm Pic $ 35.00 Order
P99 AS Magazine 15-Shot 9mm Pic $ 35.00 Order
P99c Magazine Finger Extension Pic

$ 15.00

273 05 37 P99C 16/15 shot magazine extension/grip adapter Pic $ 20.00 Order
2704587 Magazine, P 99/990, 20-Shot, 9mm Pic $ 85.00 Order
NEW PPS MTV-701-A1 X2L Laser / LED flashlight.
Dealer discounts available. 
Pic $ 350.00 Order
NEW PPS MTV-700-A1 X2 LED Compact Lamp.
Dealer discounts available.
Pic $ 225.00 Order