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        Earl's Repair Service, Inc. is a Factory Direct Walther Representative in the U.S. as well as an Importer, Distributor, and Factory Authorized Service and Warranty Repair Center for Carl Walther GmbH products including all pistols, rifles, spare parts, and accessories manufactured in Ulm, Germany.
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  Schuetze The target pistol of the top national and international marksman. A precision firearm that was designed using the principal of "Unit" or Modular  Construction.

Features include a universally adjustable & replaceable release-point trigger in 1000g or 1360g pull weights, walnut  or laminated contoured grip with adjustable palm rest, the ability to change calibers in seconds without tools.

Reliable operation, the highest precision, and the best possible function with a modern design are the reasons for its worldwide success. Each pistol comes with two magazines.

Grips available in XS, S, M, L, XL. See accessories link a the bottom of the page. GSP Expert includes plastic case and new internal shock buffer. (drawing)

Note: .32 S&W Long WC.  Requires wadcutter to be flush seated with the mouth of the case.  

GSP Expert Target Pistol
Technical Data

Single Stage Trigger

Two Stage Trigger

GSP Expert Brochure (acrobat 635kb)
Semi-automatic Pistols
    GSP Target Pistol          

Part Number

Trigger Unit Description Caliber   Retail Price    
2659077 1000g (2.2 lb) GSP Expert With Two Magazines. (Right or Left hand Grip) .22 LR   $ 2249.00 Order  
2655501 1360g (3 lb) GSP/C Expert With Two Magazines. (Right or Left Hand Grip) .32 S&W Long WC Pic $ 2495.00 Order  
    GSP Optional Accessories          

Walther sight base for optics (aimpoint, ultradot, etc. no machining required)

    $ 125.00 Order  
2615282   .22 Short Conversion, OSP 2000, With two 5-shot Magazines.(back in stock) .22 Short   $ 1395.00  Order  
    GSP Expert .22 Long Rifle Conversion With two 5-shot Magazines .22 LR Pic $ 1395.00 Order  
    GSP Expert .32 S&W Long WC Conversion With two 5-shot Magazines .32 S&W Long WC  Pic $ 1695.00 Order